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Discrimination In Authentic Restaurants

Discrimination In Authentic Restaurants

Government forces are responsible for requiring immigrants who want to open restaurants in the USA to remain authentic. Immigrants or anyone else for that matter are pressured to stay within their representative nationality when applying for restaurant licensure.

Governments shouldn’t be telling any prospective restaurant owner what they can cook beyond what is legal to cook.

They pressure these foreign entrepreneurs to stay authentic to old school old world cuisine to keep the animal in play.

Ever notice that so-called authentic restaurants in the USA rarely change their menus?

Remaining stagnant doesn’t reflect the normal evolutionary course of culture. Otherwise we’d all still be eating from the cave. Everybody tries new foods that later become part of their nouveau culture beyond what was traditional.

Why wouldn’t an Italian chef be as adept at cooking Russian cuisine? Or a Mexican adept at cooking Asian cuisine? It all takes learning the trade and traversing the trails required to achieve one’s success.

So you think only a Russian can perform brain surgery on other Russians? And only men can become doctors of men?

Wake up to the real.

Only Polish can make good pierogi? Then you’re saying it’s inborn? Even if they never saw anybody make pierogi?

Stop racial and ethnic discrimination in the food industry.

Yeah, so only goats can cook goats the way goats should be cooked?

I can only apply for a license to open an Italian restaurant if I’m Italian?

A real chef can learn to cook any food, any way, representative of any culture while reflecting the evolutionary process of the ingredients and the palates of the people consuming them.

Many so-called authentic restaurants hire only authentic staff. ONLY BLACKS NEED APPLY. ONLY MEN NEED APPLY. ONLY HIRING MEXICANS. HELP WANTED: CHINESE ONLY.

Stop telling the world you don’t discriminate when it’s hanging out all over your contradictory actions proving the lie.

Only Italians can cook Italian cuisine? It’s the skills of the chef, not the chef’s ethnicity, that determine quality of performance.


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Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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