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Simply Asian Udon Noodles

Who says you can’t eat just noodles or just rice or just potatoes? Or just beans? Or just tomatoes or just anything? Who makes up these consumption rules for everybody else? The food police who force-feed you flesh and blood three times a day, seven days a week, three hundred and sixty-five days a year, that’s who.

A meal of only noodles? Honestly, these noodles need only salt in the water. If you want to add some fresh ground black pepper after they’re cooked with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and a couple shakes of GO VEGGIE SHAKER PARMESAN plus a couple leaves of fresh basil garnish, what the heck, it’s your right. You don’t need a pot-load of animal meat and veggies to make yourself whole. You’re already whole. Accept it.

The slaughter industries will rebuke this saying nobody is holding a gun to their heads making them eat animal meat all the time. Yeah, they pretty much are; slaughter industries in conjunction with governments did quite a brain washing and shaming job on their parents and grand parents and great grandparents and great great… grandparents – let’s include them all.

We’re just telling them they need all their nutrients and to eat a variety of foods.

Stop telling them what, how and when to eat. It’s not your place to promote food industries because it boosts economies. These forces do it with plants too. Whenever a plant loses popularity the ones who make money off it cry to the their respective governments to make the people buy their vegetable, fruit, nut legume, bean or grain. And the government complies in order to keep everybody employed.

As a result everybody entering midlife and beyond is backpacking a bunch of diet related preventable diseases 24/7.

I found this tidbit this morning:

Ghandi Caved To Political Pressure to include eggs in a vegetarian diet at the behest of 25,000 poultry farmers.

“Mahatma Gandhi

In 2005, for example, the National Egg Coordination Committee, an association of more than 25,000 poultry farmers, pushed a campaign for more consumption of eggs using Mahatma Gandhi as its brand ambassador claiming he “endorsed” eggs as vegetarian. Jun 5, 2015″

So yeah, the purveyors of flesh and blood even got to Ghandi. Made him sacrifice his beliefs for the common good? Good of whom?

Why do you think a vegetable like kale became famous overnight? The government bank rolled it. Kale used to be an ornament on salad bars, winding around the bar like an evergreen Christmas decoration. It lacked only lights. Next thing you know, everybody’s promoting it like Jesus Christ came back again, this time in the form of a plant. Eat me, eat me.

I still can’t muster buying the stuff, only because I worked in a place where they adorned a salad bar with it and it stunk up the walk-in cooler.

Steve cooked up the noodles and brought me a bowl. Like I said, salt, pepper, GO VEGGIE PARM, extra virgin olive oil. I already ate, so he saved it for me.

The next morning I tried it cold. Good. Tried it microwaved. Good. Started eating it and it filled me up pretty quick. Package says 14 ounces equals 7 servings. Steve made two bowls of it and I turned mine into three.

The next time I topped it with PICKLED ORANGE RIND STICKS and fresh basil from my shady window garden.

The next time I topped it with a new sauce I recently developed: ORANGE BASIL COCONUT SAUCE DRESSING. Plus I added the fresh basil. WOW!

No meat, no veggies, no nuts or seeds. Just noodle. Plain or with a few decorations.

What Does Authentic Mean?

Simply Asia says it means chicken, vegetables and stock. Look to side of box and STOCK means chicken stock. This is a prime example of keeping the animal in the pot by calling it authentic. Not traditional, mind you, but AUTHENTIC. People turned to authentic when traditional got boring. This is the real deal, no more talk about how Mamma made it. Not everybody’s Mama was a good cook.

Authentic means it’s real and GOOD too. What could be wrong with authentic? This is where the con becomes too obvious.

The word also implies this is the way it was done for millennia, which means if it was good enough for them, it’s good enough for us. Digging deep into your past to tickle your curiosity is what the purveyors of flesh and blood do to make you want more, because that’s where the real happiness and satisfaction lies.

It’s all a lie to make you think you’re eating something of high monetary and/or health value. How can a chicken or a vegetable be authentic? You mean it’s a real chicken or a real vegetable? There’s no talk about the quality of the chicken or vegetable.

Authentic means genuine, original, bona fide and implies trustworthy. This is not a fugace. It’s not a fake. No fake meat here. Only real, authentic animal is in the stew.

AUTHENTIC is a Madison Avenue slaughter industry generated loaded word to reach you on different levels in different ways, just in case the traditional and Mama threads don’t work for some, to keep the animal in the pot.

Governments around the world want to keep the slaughter industries in business at the expense of your health, conscience and well-being.

If everybody does it, it must be right.

No it isn’t right.

Get your brain out of the cave before the animals you call dumb mutate and burn down the barns and factories where you keep them on death row for crimes you committed against them. The animals falsely incarcerated are innocent of all charges. So let the holocaust begin? Do you know how illogical that is? Murder is punishment. It is not a gift. It is not a positive. Capital Punishment administered to those who committed the most egregious, horrendous, unspeakable crimes?

Eat your noodles without the chicken or chicken stock.

concentration camps death row



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