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Who and what does God have dominion over?

Answer the question quickly – those of you who claim to know about the God of your particular religion. What’s talking you so long?

You seem to know more quickly whom you have dominion over.

Did God give the human animal dominion over all other animals?

For what purpose?

That should be easy enough, especially easy for those who claim human animal dominion over all non-human animals.

You don’t know the purpose. An entire bible written and God left out the purpose?

I’m looking for synonyms of the word dominion, since nobody seems to know or understand what dominion means. The bible writers/editors/makers obviously left that unclear, since noboy knows or understands it (no girl for sure had any hand in writing/editing/making of any bible or holy book ever).

So I went to google to ask.

Google says dominion means:

  1. sovereignty or control.


supremacy ascendancy dominance domination superiority predominance preeminence primacy hegemony authority mastery control command direction powers way rule government jurisdiction sovereignty suzerainty lordship overlordship leadership influence the upper hand the whip hand the edge advantage hold grasp empire predomination paramountcy prepotence prepotency prepollency

2. the territory of a sovereign or government.


dependency colon protectorate territory province outpost

satellite satellitestate holding possession tributary

fief demesne realm kingdom empire domain

country nation land

Nowhere in any synonyms I found did it come close to mentioning consumption.


If God created everything, then why write a bible only for humans?

Does God exist today in 2021?

Who does God have dominion over now?

Only the male human animal?

So God controls the human male animal, but no other animal?

So who controls everybody else?

The male animal? How so?

Control thus consume and that’s the only male duty?

Does the male human consume his wife and their children too? Is that what control means?

If God controls the human male and control means consumption, then dominion means consumption.

Why doesn’t God consume the male human, if that’s what God meant by dominion?

Is it only the male human animal that God has dominion over?

Does God own the male human? Is the male human the sole property of God? Is that what dominion means? God owns the male human and the male human owns the female human? To have and to hold and consume?


God does not control the male human by bestowing ownership thus control rights of all the animals in the animal kingdom including non-male humans.

God did not trust any human, male or otherwise or any other one or more animals to own thus control thus commit to slavery all other beings.

The bible is fiction. As with all fiction within lies specks of truth that be forewarned have great capacity to erupt into spectacularly oppressive lies.

Therein lies the truth of prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter. One leads to the other if left unchecked. When any of the FIVE FLAWS become a part of gender, racial or ethnic culture, all beings suffer.

aside: If God had dominion over only the human male, then who was given dominion over the environment?

And just as important, if God was given only one group (the male human) to control, and the male human was given all other all female humans to control, plus all other non-human animals, that means some other entity doled out the assignments and gave the human male animal the lion’s share of control and God a mere pittance in comparison.

Perhaps that’s in the next chapter not yet written. Who actually gave God dominion over only the male human animal? Who actually gave the male human animal dominion over all non-human animals? Who changed the dominion law to mean consumption?

For me, who or whom doesn’t matter. The FIVE PRINCIPLES are all one needs to survive and thrive.

So, God guides the male human and the male human guides the female human plus all the non-human animals.

So dominion means guide, not consume.

Yeah, so my itching question remains who put the male human in charge while God took the longest nap in history?

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