Gluten-free is becoming synonymous with animal products. When ordering out at a restaurant you can be pretty sure that if it’s GLUTEN-FREE it CONTAINS ANIMALS.

That’s the slaughter industries hiding behind the gluten-free labels.

I wonder if restaurants do to the gluten-free diners what they do to the animal-free diners – offer them half and half – an animal-free burger on an animal-laden bun. Or animal-free toppings on an animal-laden pizza crust.

Fair is fair. Do restaurants actually offer gluten-free diners a pizza with gluten-free toppings and a gluten-laden crust, or a gluten-free burger on a gluten-laden bun? Do they do that?

Animal-free friendly is not half and half.

Gluten-free friendly is not half and half.

Don’t call your restaurant animal friendly when you sell slaughtered animals.

Vegan friendly they call the restaurant that has animal-free options. If vegan means no animal on the plate, then it is not a vegan friendly restaurant when that restaurant sells animal-free meat. What’s friendly about that?

Vegan should mean animal friendly. If it doesn’t, then vegans got lost along the way.

Call it something else, anything but friendly. What does friendly even mean, we won’t hurt you for not eating animals? You can feel safe in this restaurant arm of the slaughterhouse? You’re welcome to eat at our slaughterhouse? That’s what animal meat restaurants are, extensions of slaughterhouses.

I’ve never seen a half and half gluten-free dish offered in any of the restaurants I frequented.

I’m still wondering why restaurants are openly discriminating against animal-free by expecting animal-free diners to eat half animal and half animal-free.

When gluten-free became popular it didn’t take the food industry long to get on board and provide gluten-free options across the board in all areas of food development and service. They were not expected to go half gluten and half gluten-free.

We’ll give you the crust animal-free, but it comes with cheese unless you want to forego the cheese. The sauce too, it has some chicken broth in it. You can get plain oil. We’ll give you the burger animal-free, but not the bun, of course you’re most welcome to order just the burger. No animal-free mayo though. Just mustard, ketchup, pickle.

What’s this all about?

It’s not enough to say discrimination against animal-free while favoring gluten-free. Accept it and move on or work around or with it. That’s the vague undercurrent running through all the so-called vegan options popping up in restaurants across the land.

Meat, animal meat, is the backbone, foundation, money maker of the food industry period.

Animal meat makes money, big money for all engaged in raising the animal, processing the animal, preparing and selling the animal. Economic foundations of nations are built on it.

Gluten-free is all about eating animal meat. The more the merrier.

It boils down to this: MEAT VS FLOUR. If you can’t eat flour, that’s fine with us, as long as you eat the meat, okay? We’ll fix the flour for you so you can eat it, but the meat, well, that’s our bread and butter.

Hey, we like gluten-freers – free them of the gluten that hurts them. It’s all good.

Restaurant owners don’t want people who don’t eat meat in their establishments. That’s their money maker. It’s all about the money.

Hey, why go to a bar if you don’t drink? That’s the sentiment regarding animal-freers. Why go to a restaurant if you don’t eat meat – animals? That’s the way the world runs – on animals, not flour. If flour were king, it wouldn’t be so cheap. Besides flour makes you fat, animals don’t. And while you’re at it, stop calling meat animals. It’s meat.

It’s clear that diners and restaurant operators care about the health of the diner, as long as they’re buying the main focus of the menu, which is animal meat.

The animal-free diners get disrespected, because they won’t comply. They want delicious dishes absent the animal products. The animal-freers care about the well-being of those offered up as a flesh and blood sacrifices to the diners as well as their own health, which countless studies indicate is at risk when consuming flesh and blood.

The animal-freer is all about good taste in civilized dining. The gluten-freers are all about themselves, and to hell with all those animals they need to survive.

Truth be told, people who actually have celiac disease don’t die from lack of animal meat; they die by eating too much gluten from grains. The animal has nothing to do with their disease or sensitivities. Let that be known far and wide.


I’m going to have to shut you down for discriminating against animal-free diners. DINERS WITH HEART.

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Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer, chef

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