The fish walked becoming the cow who talked. Our original ancestry comes from the bodies of salty water, not from the African ape.

The ape also came from the salty sea, the fish that walked and talked as a land mammal. The ape talked.

The insects and microbial life are more sophisticated than any present day life form.

The writers of the Bible left that part out for convenience and prejudicial reasons.

It already happened that’s how I know it. What happened yesterday, that the world doesn’t recall. That’s what I am privy to.

So why do the non-talking animals still inhabit the planet?

They all talk. We just don’t understand their language.

We will.

Cold or warm sea waters produced different species.

All creatures large and small came of bodies of water.

Then why do so many sea creatures still exist?

Why do you live in the forest or the desert or the mountains or the city? Why are you trying to populate another planet with very little if no breathable air?

Some organisms are more conducive to living in water. But if you want to walk on dirt, then you need to shed your gills and grow a pair of lungs. Some creatures were better designed to do that – over time. Humans consist of seventy percent water, not seventy percent dirt.

Maybe some creatures are more conducive to living in a harsh environment. Maybe some types of organisms could evolve to live without oxygen. Insects maybe, since they’re the least fragile when it comes to being on the planet the longest.

No creature started the process on land on earth unless it was submerged in water.

Vegetation beyond the plants in the sea grew from the water running beneath the soil or from rain water falling from mountains forming rivers, streams and ponds with which to irrigate it.

Beyond that beginning, evolution continues as long as the creatures of whom we speak are not all killed off in infancy or before they’re able to procreate.

I don’t think you’ll find a planet or other such body anywhere that grows plants that also doesn’t support creature life.

Simple enough? For now?

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Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer, chef

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