Architects of the Universe Made a Mistake

The architects of the universe made a mistake

I used to think that the older a group was, the longer that group survived on earth, thus the more evolved they were.

That’s before I thought it through.

Animal eating animal, with nervous systems that make them suffer horribly before death. Why that design? If everyone dies eventually, then what’s the rush? Why birth us to live only to be eaten?

The universe made a mistake with animal eating animal. It’s as though that was their only purpose – to be a food for another species or food for those within their own species. Living in perpetual terror of being eaten was not a good design.

How many died a natural death? I don’t know. But with the introduction of raising animals for food, then advancing to factory farming of mass numbers of animals for food, the mistake grew exponentially to where that mistake alone could cost us the planet as we have known it. It could not only destroy us from within through disease by consumption, but could alter climate to such a degree that planet Earth no longer supports animal life.

Back up a little.

Humans appeared on Earth long after all the other animals – all the other animals who were already eating each other to survive (well, not all of them). Proliferation cannot occur if animals are using other animals for food. What’s the point. There has to be a point. The designs of the universe are too detailed to be meaningless. Too inter- and intra-connected to be purely random.

So the universe, knowing it made a mistake with the first animals and those who followed, decided to invent an animal with a different type of intelligence – one that could solve problems not only within their own species but within the species of all the other animals who came before the human.

And here we are today, sorely lacking in any desire or motivation to preserve animal life by not consuming animal life as food, except through the occasional no-kill rule that goes into effect for endangered species.

It looks like the universe again made a mistake – first time with the first animals and the second time with the human animal. Rather than destroy all the universe created, it set up a system whereby the humans would care for all other species, not kill them off or leave them to their own devices, which is eating each other, which means they kill each other off.

Again, what’s the point?

If all animals don’t evolve to be more proficient thus better than they are, then the universe failed again.

Humans need to reverse that trend. We already know we don’t need to eat animals to survive and thrive.

Why do indigenous people continue to want to stay in the forest, thus not evolve? Okay, stay but evolve in place. They don’t appear to have done much of that.

Animals, any animal, can’t evolve in a cage to any significant degree. That’s what’s wrong with prisons – there’s not much evolution going on; the conditions aren’t ripe for it. People who stay separate in otherwise somewhat civilized societies, don’t evolve much either. Jews, Muslims, Quakers. The peoples of orthodoxy. Living off of superstition. They resist evolution at its core. NO CHANGE FOR THEM.

That will change; that must change. All animal life must evolve to survive and thrive in better ways, not relying on the consumption of other species to do it.

Currently, humans are the greatest threat to all animals and each other. The only threats to humans are war, disease and sweeping climate changes.

Humans have it within their power, to alter climate, prevent disease and stop wars.

Maybe the universe didn’t make a mistake with humans. Maybe the human design is sufficient to achieve for the planet and all life what needs to be achieved to survive and thrive absent eating each other.

Maybe humans failed to use their talents appropriately, thus the impending demise of all animal life on Earth.

It may not be too late for humans to do a reversal. It may however be too late for the universe to design another creature with more life-preserving qualities who can fix the mistakes of humans without wiping us all out.

If humans don’t decide to act quickly, then disease, war and climate changes will continue to ravage all life, not just animal life. It’s on a downward turn that will be very difficult to turn around or upward, since the three are inter- and intra-connected. The power of that union will take a greater force to disrupt it to put Earth back on track.

Re: I used to think that the older a group was, the longer that group survived on earth, thus the more evolved they were.

  • Now I think the newer the group, the more evolved they are. Looking at some of the oldest civilizations one must wonder what happened? Why still in the cave? Why is China always trying to steal technology from the USA, when the USA is such a young country with such meager, humble, albeit aggressive beginnings? Why can’t the world rely on all those older civilizations for advancements in progress? Did they get lazy?
  • Maybe a new breed of human will emerge. Maybe that breed is already surviving and thriving on Earth and has yet to be identified.
  • Maybe they’re the ones not eating animals. Maybe they’re the ones who see a horribly mistake with a design that presupposes that animals eat other animals as food.
  • Maybe the answers to war, disease and climate change are living openly among us.

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