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B12 Still A Mystery – what’s right what’s wrong?

For decades the reason given for eating animal meat was the B12 in the meat, that the human doesn’t produce enough of on its own by the bacteria in the gut. Every doctor in the world said either eat meat (animal-based) or take vitamin B12 supplements, because the human body doesn’t make any B12.

For decades the public was told that cooking food destroyed vitamins in it.

Destroyed. That was the word used. Destroyed means decimated, unavailable for use. Neutralized. Vaporized. Bombed.

That would mean that if animals were the food under question and they were cooked, and given that cooking destroyed vitamins in it, there would be no reason to continue eating animals to obtain vitamin B12, since most people do not eat raw animals.

That’s why people turned to raw, because cooking at even warm temperatures destroyed vitamins. That was the so-called science. That was yesteryear. For decades it went on to make people eat animals to survive, otherwise they’d die from lack of B12.

Now that the slaughter industry is faltering, the data magically appears that supports very little vitamin B12 is destroyed during cooking, so of course keep eating animals.

Now they’re saying that the human body can’t break down the B12 that it consumes, even though it isn’t actually destroyed. Only when it comes from animal product? Now that makes no sense. So they lied because the body couldn’t absorb animal-free B12. Attempting to save face when talking science isn’t a good strategy. It confuses people who want the truth, not the truth based on agenda-driven ideologies and economics.

All multi-vitamin supplements contain B12. Animal eaters take vitamin supplements, which means they take B12 supplements. If eating animals provided all the B12 one needs to survive, then animal eaters wouldn’t be taking B12 supplements.

And guess what else? Slaughter animals are given B12 along with a bunch of other supplements, so the slaughter industry is telling us the B12 you get by eating the cow is not actually from the cow, but from supplements given the cow (or other animal) during it’s short life span before slaughter.

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If vitamin B12 occurs only in animal products, and humans are animals, then vitamin B12 occurs in humans.

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Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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