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Peace Of Meat – what is it?

These aren’t the actual cows used by Peace Of Meat. It’s a fantasy they want to project.

According to the Peace Of Meat People:

Meat is an integral part of our diet. It is tasty and deeply rooted in cultures across the globe. Yet, producing enough meat to supply a growing population, comes at an ever increasing ecological cost.”

“Real fat. Full taste.

For a sustainable future.”

“POM is a B2B supplier of cultured fat as a tasty and texturing ingredient”

“Adding 10-25% of our cultured fat to a plant based meat results in 100% meatiness”

“To accelerate R&D, we collaborate with leading experts in cell culturing, upscaling and food tech.”

“We improve the taste, 

texture and nutritional value of plant based

and cell based meat alternatives”

“Better Taste

Our cultured fat makes alternative proteins more “meaty”. Producing a more meat-like taste and flavour, with a better consistency & feel.”

“Improved Sustainability

Cultured meats and animal products prove more sustainable than factory farming as they use less land and water and reduced harm to animals.”

3 Main Players:

David Brandes – Switzerland

Dirk Standaert – Belgium

Paul Mozdziak – USA

Sharon’s Comment: The Peace Of Meat acronym POM sounds like peace of mind, not peace of meat. So, we’re supposed to think it’s just a piece of meat, like the missing piece of a puzzle that will make your animal-free plant meats sing for you?

What’s peaceful about keeping stables of animals all over the globe from which to draw the cells that make the animal fat to add to plant and animal-free meats?

  • Nothing. Nothing at all.

No harm no foul? Evidently these three boys don’t regard enslavement, torture and eventual slaughter as harmful to the animals they keep to satisfy those hardliners whom they think will not convert to animal-free meat.

These three men have this grand plan to sell to plant meat and animal-free meat companies their animal-based product.

It’s misguided at beast and at worst it’s arrogant, ignorant and damaging to the creatures who populate this planet.

They have no intention of shutting down the slaughter industry, just making it a little smaller.

What laws will be in place to assure the consumer that their product doesn’t adulterate the plant product?

The government will sneak it in, just like they sneak the insects into snack bars and other foods, and dairy into chocolate bars.

Come down from the cloud. African men are not going to eat a plant burger with a little animal fat in it. Why would they? If they’re going to be the hardest to flip, then let them be on their own while the rest of the world moves forward without them. They’ll be knocking on the animal-free meat door when there are no animals they can legally slaughter.

If there’s money in it, they’ll be there. What’s the plan to sell indigenous peoples, a plant burger with animal-fat? It will either be all animal-free or animal. There’s a war brewing and Peace Of Meat is on the wrong side.

Hey, some people are already complaining that the coconut nut oil in Impossible Meat is bad for your health. So Peace Of Meat comes along and makes it worse by substituting animal fat for the coconut oil?

Where’s the Peace Of Meat conscience?

Like most scientists, they don’t require one.

The world needs a better future. Peace Of Meat does not provide that. Better to use their resources for a totally animal-free product and set the world on the only appropriate course, rather than stay in the cave to placate cry babies who have to have their animal meat, like it has their name on it?

It’s one thing to try to sell the world on animal cell meat. It’s quite another to make it specifically to add to plant and animal-free meats. That is corruption at its core.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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