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Be Ready. Stay Steady. Slaughter Industries Are Passe.

send to beef magazine: I know you know that half barn and half garden won’t last – it won’t be enough change, precisely because that’s the  status quo – only using different words to describe it. There’s no change there.

The government, no matter how many politicians are bought, is going ahead with the plan to save the planet in every single sector by vacating the slaughter industries as a priority. High cost of health care can’t be cured by non-profits. Change in diet is all that can and will. Soon the health care industries will be operating in the red with no end in sight. You can’t make any animal more healthy to consume and why would you want to?

Slaughter Industries are already passe – I know you know. So what’s stopping you from transitioning to all garden – all plant? Figure it out. If you lack the will or basic problem solving skills, then hire someone who can to that job for you. Find someone with strategy skills to get you out while simultaneously fitting you into some other industry, using your skills in a transference capacity. It takes a lot of knowledge and skill to operate a slaughter business, use it for something better – for you, the animals and the planet.

The ball’s in your court now – soon it won’t be.

Those PIG-RAISE-TO-SLAUGHTER TOWERS in China will crumble. I know what it’s like living in a high rise. One apartment gets infected with a pathogen and they all do because of the circulation systems. It’s called sick building syndrome. One leak leads to massive leaks that trickle down – the mold that results grows so quickly that one can’t control it. Workers will get sick and die. Pigs will be infected. Yes, I can and will call mold disease an infection, because it spreads like a contagion, so back off, scientists; you’re out of your league now. Plaster board isn’t needed. Mold can grow on metal. Mold can grow inside a body.

Mad Cow Disease will show up as Mad Pig Disease, only no one will know it, because they’re raised in containers and can’t walk, so the primary symptom won’t be observable.

Get ready to have your nervous systems attacked.

Are those structures earthquake proof?

Be ready and stay steady. 


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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