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To Brits: Cows And Chickens Are Not Vegetation

Just as people regard eggs and dairy products as vegetation, so do they regard eggs as dairy.

There is nothing in the word vegetarian that connotes or denotes any part of the animal, except that vegetation is most always consumed along with some part of an animal – whether flesh/blood, eggs, milk.

Originally, in Britain, a vegetarian diet meant totally vegetarian meaning no animal, thus animal-free. When people had difficulty adhering to such a strict diet the word vegetarian was divided into two categories: either strict vegetarian, which included no animal or lacto-ova vegetarian, which included milk products along with eggs.

Later, the British turned strict vegetarian into a nickname, by shortening the word and replacing strict vegetarian with the word vegan.

At the same time, they dropped the long word of lacto-ova vegetarian to simply vegetarian.

“Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive “.

from Sir Walter Scott’s play “Marmion.”

Following the line of reasoning, that animal and vegetation are equal, thus placed under the same category of vegetarian, one could also assume that any animal product including the flesh and organs and bones along with vegetation also equals vegetarian.

An animal is an animal , a plant is a plant. One has feet to run, the other has roots to stay put. One has a nervous system to feel pain, the other has none.

An animal product is an animal product, no matter the part of the animal from which it came. Flesh, blood, milk, eggs all come from the animal – no part of the plant, except the food consumed, is any part of the whole animal. Go ahead, reference any part of a plant and check within the plant kingdom if any of it besides atoms, molecules and quarks, also belongs to the animal.

By labeling eggs and dairy vegetables, one can easily assume that any part of the animal can be labeled as such.

A professor once said that everything in the world can be explained by categories – to be explained in the next class, which I didn’t attend. I don’t know if he included truths and lies as prerequisites for categorization, but I can see how labeling can inaccurately result in placing something or someone or some group in the wrong category which leads to discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter, which leads to chaos and even war.

Check your prejudices at the door of discrimination and none of that happens.

The slaughter industry holds on to those untruths made by Brits who couldn’t abide by the strict diet of all vegetation, to include eggs and milk products, which are animal products, which are a part of the animal. So-called vegetarians are the saving grace of the slaughter industry. They love them for their inconsistencies in labeling plants and animals. They love the tangled web they weave by calling an animal a plant.

There is no middle ground that is appropriate when discussing enslavement, torture and slaughter of any animal. There is no debate. The word they chose was a lie.

All humans, even the biggest meat lovers, eats plants. No one ever says don’t eat plants because they suffer. Everybody knows they don’t.

Change your wordage and you change the world. Until then, the exploitation leading to death by humanhands continues.

The word vegetarian comes from the word vegetation, not animal. No one is vegetation-free. It’s impossible.

People can be animal-free. Animal-free is possible. Animal-free contains no animal; it comes from the word animal; it is the word animal.


THE COW and THE FISH are NOT VEGETATION – neither are their milk and eggs vegetation.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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One thought on “To Brits: Cows And Chickens Are Not Vegetation

  1. British vegetarians who claim that cows and fish are vegetation are WILDLY wrong. Cows and fish are animals, just like any other animal. They have feet to run and roots to stay put. They have a nervous system to feel pain and a digestive system to eat food. They produce milk and eggs that are, just like any other part of the animal.

    vegetarians are the only ones who can be true vegetarians. They can be strict vegetarians, including no animal, or they can be lacto-ova vegetarians, including milk products along with eggs. They can be vegan, which means no part of the animal is any part of the whole animal.

    There is no middle ground
    Ella Johnson


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