Animal-Freers Are A Race

By not hunting, killing and eating animals you free them from enslavement torture and slaughter. FREE THE ANIMAL Animal-Free Eaters Are A Race The time is now. We come from all walks of life, political affiliations, genders, sexual orientations, socio-economic backgrounds, religions, philosophies and from all corners of the earth, which means from all nationalitiesContinue reading “Animal-Freers Are A Race”

Any Animal-Free Eating Spaniards Out There?

No really, are there? Any Animal-Free Eating Spaniards Out There? Is the USA Turning Spanish Immigrants Into Killers? I live in a diverse environment with lots of Spanish people, and never met or witnessed a bona fide eating with a conscience Spanish speaking person, no matter the hue of the skin. Or are they socialContinue reading “Any Animal-Free Eating Spaniards Out There?”


DOMINION Who and what does God have dominion over? Answer the question quickly – those of you who claim to know about the God of your particular religion. What’s talking you so long? You seem to know more quickly whom you have dominion over. Did God give the human animal dominion over all other animals?Continue reading “DOMINION VS CONSUMPTION”

Animals VS Plants

PLANTS vs ANIMALS Milk, cheese and eggs are not plants and they don’t come from plants. There’s no such thing as milk, cheese and egg seeds that get planted in the soil in order to grow milk, cheese and egg plants. You can’t pick an egg from a branch and neither can you milk theContinue reading “Animals VS Plants”


It just wasn’t visible till now. This short expose poses serious questions and answers. ABSTRACT: It starts as a biopsy of cells from the animal du jour who is being birthed, raised on grass and eventually slaughtered to feed the rich. The biopsies are taken to cell-cultured meat labs and grown into their respective animalContinue reading “THE UNICORN EXISTS”

It’s Animal Cell Meat (ACM).

Synthetic or cell cultured meat and dairy is NOT animal-free. It’s grown outside the body of the animal from cells collected from the animal. It’s Animal Cell Meat (ACM). It’s made out of cells of animals, not plant cells, not chemicals. It’s not synthetic. Polyester is synthetic fabric, silk is not. Silk comes from anContinue reading “It’s Animal Cell Meat (ACM).”

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