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AFC Cold No-Cook Kidney Pudding – updated with options

AFC COLD NO-COOK KIDNEY PUDDING Bet you never had a kidney pudding melt in your mouth. Brits!! I’m talking to you!! This is it. Once in a lifetime experience! Kidney-free kidney pudding! No whip topping needed. I was eating it right out of the refrigerator, a spoonful at a time- for days. Acted like aContinue reading “AFC Cold No-Cook Kidney Pudding – updated with options”

Apple Cider Cauliflower Fried Rice

APPLE CIDER CAULIFLOWER FRIED RICE Canilla Rice cooked in apple cider combined with cauliflower, green beans, scallion and liquid smoke. Tossed with a savory sauté of celery, onion, red and green peppers and Silken tofu! We fry the veggies instead of the rice to decrease fat content without decreasing flavor – 16 cups of riceContinue reading “Apple Cider Cauliflower Fried Rice”

Super Beet Instant Mash Potato

SUPER BEET INSTANT MASH POTATO Plain yogurt beverage can be used in these instant mashed potatoes, but I thought the strawberry flavor went well with the beet powder. I will do this again, maybe next time a different fruit flavor – blueberry? Extra virgin olive oil we use in place of margarine/butter, and adding theContinue reading “Super Beet Instant Mash Potato”

Simply Asian Udon Noodles

Who says you can’t eat just noodles or just rice or just potatoes? Or just beans? Or just tomatoes or just anything? Who makes up these consumption rules for everybody else? The food police who force-feed you flesh and blood three times a day, seven days a week, three hundred and sixty-five days a year,Continue reading “Simply Asian Udon Noodles”


ORANGE COCONUT BASIL DRESSING SAUCE Can a sauce or a dressing be a delicacy? This one can and is! Smooth gets ready to impress the staunchest doubters. Yes, this delicacy creates it’s own space in the world! Animal-Free of course! Makes 4 cups