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To Brits: Cows And Chickens Are Not Vegetation

Just as people regard eggs and dairy products as vegetation, so do they regard eggs as dairy. There is nothing in the word vegetarian that connotes or denotes any part of the animal, except that vegetation is most always consumed along with some part of an animal – whether flesh/blood, eggs, milk.


Do India’s Vegans Really Hate Their Parents For Not Converting from Animal-Eater to Animal-Free? You answer.  I’ve read a slew of hate jabs directed at parents of vegans by children of animal-eaters, claiming to be from India. Do India’s children of animal-eating parents walk their hate talk, or is it more talk based on disappointmentContinue reading “ATTENTION INDIA”

Be Ready. Stay Steady. Slaughter Industries Are Passe.

send to beef magazine: I know you know that half barn and half garden won’t last – it won’t be enough change, precisely because that’s the  status quo – only using different words to describe it. There’s no change there. The government, no matter how many politicians are bought, is going ahead with the planContinue reading “Be Ready. Stay Steady. Slaughter Industries Are Passe.”


Why aren’t vegan investors shaking up the world?  Why not invest in animal-free?? Could get lucky for you, or not; all life is a gamble; when you reduce the issue to its simplest form it’s yeah or nay. So, wealthy vegans are still investing and profiting from the slaughter and otherwise animal-abusing industries? BE ANContinue reading “CONVERT KITCHENS NOT PEOPLE”

Peace Of Meat – what is it?

According to the Peace Of Meat People: “Meat is an integral part of our diet. It is tasty and deeply rooted in cultures across the globe. Yet, producing enough meat to supply a growing population, comes at an ever increasing ecological cost.”

The Tofu’s Connected To The…Hip Bone

The Tofu’s Connected To The…Hip Bone Tofu has 192% more calcium than milk – milk has 120mg of calcium per 100 grams and tofu has 350mg of calcium. ( Besides calcium content in tofu being a good reason to consume it, Tofu is necessary in many animal-free recipes for texture and protein boosts. 

B12 Still A Mystery – what’s right what’s wrong?

For decades the reason given for eating animal meat was the B12 in the meat, that the human doesn’t produce enough of on its own by the bacteria in the gut. Every doctor in the world said either eat meat (animal-based) or take vitamin B12 supplements, because the human body doesn’t make any B12.

Corn vs Human Cells

A human ear grown from human stem cells or any kind of cells from humans, removed from an aborted fetus is still called an ear. It is not ear-free. It’s not human-free. It’s not animal-free, unless you’re talking corn cells. It’s a human ear grown from human cells taken from a human being. You didn’tContinue reading “Corn vs Human Cells”

Allowing Atrocities Against Nonhuman Animals To Keep The Human Atrocity Rate Down

Allowing Atrocities Against Nonhuman Animals To Keep The Human Atrocity Rate Down The reasoning goes like this: If these deviant people, of which there are many, can’t have access to torturing and killing other animals, they’ll be killing human animals. Turning the other way, a blind eye, oh we see it, but who did itContinue reading “Allowing Atrocities Against Nonhuman Animals To Keep The Human Atrocity Rate Down”