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The Tofu’s Connected To The…Hip Bone

The Tofu’s Connected To The…Hip Bone Tofu has 192% more calcium than milk – milk has 120mg of calcium per 100 grams and tofu has 350mg of calcium. ( Besides calcium content in tofu being a good reason to consume it, Tofu is necessary in many animal-free recipes for texture and protein boosts. 

B12 Still A Mystery – what’s right what’s wrong?

For decades the reason given for eating animal meat was the B12 in the meat, that the human doesn’t produce enough of on its own by the bacteria in the gut. Every doctor in the world said either eat meat (animal-based) or take vitamin B12 supplements, because the human body doesn’t make any B12.

Who Owns Scotland?

WHO OWNS SCOTLAND? The Rise of The Green Lairds Climate-savvy millionaires are buying up huge areas of the Scottish Highlands and transforming how it is managed. These “green lairds,” many of them from overseas, are rekindling debates about who owns Scotland’s land and what they’re doing with it.

Precision fermentation: creating animal-free, not dairy-free, vegan cheese

AFC GLOBAL: AFC GLOBAL PLANTS™ new site THERE’S NO UPSIDE TO CELL MEAT• ANIMAL-FREE MEANS NO ANIMAL ORIGINS OR ANIMAL PARTS IN THE RECIPE • PLANT MEANS NO ANIMAL ORIGINS OR ANIMAL PARTS IN THE RECIPE Precision Fermentation so far fits the definition of ANIMAL-FREE. Animal Cell Meat (ACM) does not. Animal-freers eat mushrooms, tofuContinue reading “Precision fermentation: creating animal-free, not dairy-free, vegan cheese”

Precision fermentation and cellular agriculture

Precision fermentation and cellular agriculture Cellular agriculture allows us to produce genuine animal proteins through microbial precision fermentation. This paper details the history of protein production via fermentation for food applications as well as aspects of cellular agriculture that present novel technical challenges…. ARTICLE: