Super Beet Instant Mash Potato

SUPER BEET INSTANT MASH POTATO Plain yogurt beverage can be used in these instant mashed potatoes, but I thought the strawberry flavor went well with the beet powder. I will do this again, maybe next time a different fruit flavor – blueberry? Extra virgin olive oil we use in place of margarine/butter, and adding theContinue reading “Super Beet Instant Mash Potato”

Cold Asparagus Appetizer Soup

COLD ASPARAGUS APPETIZER SOUP Sometimes it doesn’t take much to impress the sophisticated palate. Then I thought, sometimes it doesn’t take much to impress the rustic palate. When not formerly accustomed to sophistication, one can truly WOW that person’s appreciation of the simple but fine! They already know simple, so fine slides on like aContinue reading “Cold Asparagus Appetizer Soup”

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