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Will a vegan eat a steak if given one million dollars?

Will a vegan eat a steak if given one million dollars?

Slaughter Industry Trolls use that scenario to get you either way. 

If you say yes, they call you a hypocrite; if you say no, they call you a liar. Eating a steak for a million dollars is not about the steak or the money. It’s a trap.

Nobody is going to get a million dollars to eat a steak, except the Slaughter Industries who get you and billions of others to eat that steak over and over again, while they profit billions to trillions off of your addictions. You see, they know that steak is addicting, thus flesh, thus blood, thus milk, bones, glands and anything else coming from an animal, any animal, including the human animal are also addictive.

They’re thinking on it like others thought on alcohol. Try to shut down that industry, and the ones who crave it will find a way to resurrect it, even if it’s in their backyards and basements. The slaughter Industry doesn’t want to go that route; it takes too long to resurrect what they destroyed. Instead they position themselves all over social media to instill doubt into the minds of those who actively turn against the slaughter for cruelty reasons.

Notice that most vegans aren’t turning against the flesh and blood; it’s the suffering that it involves. The cruelty – the horror. So now they’re developing animal meat using animal cells without killing the animal. They still have to raise them as perpetual donors, just not on such a massive  scale. And the rich people will get their grass fed portions of slaughtered animals just as before. They’ll reduce the slaughter by a percentage in line with neutralizing the negative effect the slaughter industries currently have on climate change. 

When they reach their goal, they’ll go back to the massive slaughter. Just like they do with animals on the endangered species list. Bring the population back up to an amount that won’t slide them into extinction, then go back to hunting until the supply runs low again and the end up at that extinction risk door again. It’s a cycle of abuse. Humans seem to be adept at preserving cycles of life and death to keep doing what they want with fewer consequences – except to the animals they manipulate for their pleasure; there’s nothing in it for them.

Note also that there aren’t many rich vegans. Go to any high end resort and you won’t find much diversity on the menus, plenty of perversity though. They want real meat – animal meat – for the status it represents. 

Change the need and you change the world on a massive scale for the betterment of all life.

The troll, however, will never give up. The animal abusing industries know how to select them – their scientists have studied their personalities. Once a troll, always a troll; it’s in their DNA to abuse people just for the fun of it or the payment of it then walk away unscathed. What can you do, except ban them, but even then the industries that use them have plenty of payout money and/or punishments to influence any company that may think of resisting the presence of trolls on any media platform.

They’ll shred your confidence in a matter of seconds and leave you psychologically injured for some time, if you’re not careful. Even then, you can’t escape them forever, especially if you’re committed to a cause and think you have every right to speak out on it, which you do.

The best thing to do is not to argue with them – neither should you pretend you’re not offended by being extra sweet or normal acting. When engaged in war tactics, nobody acts sweet or normal. They just walk away to engage someplace else, leaving the others to shoot it out. Unless of course you’re a shooter, then go ahead, make your bones.

See if you can do it without calling anyone a name, regardless if you think they deserve it. What’s left of a name-calling argument is the name-calling. Nothing of value gets accomplished.

The designed and desired repulsion encounter with a troll is believed to be effective in to turning you away from your beliefs. In fact, it may well work in the reverse and after a short recovery period from the abuse, the person targeted may come back stronger than ever in their original beliefs that the Slaughter Industry tried to blow to smithereens. That goes for all those who witness the encounter as well. Thus what the troll sets out to accomplish through abuse, goes against, not only the troll, but the agenda of the Slaughter Industry.

It’s like torture in that everybody succumbs.

To what?

Attacks on Facebook by trolls.

How to effectively state your case without insult or innuendo and move on.

Leave your mark without appearing offended or hinting on what you’re doing by telling in advance your strategy. Just do it and leave. If it’s your post, you can go back and delete the bad stuff – the next day or a few days later, that is, if you want to save the post.

In other words, to effectively resist the trolls, state your case absent insult or innuendo and move on to the next battle. Don’t preface it, or sum it up. Be direct. Be on the mark of your cause only. Pretend that you’re writing to the universe and there’s no one there. Don’t belittle or berate yourself or others. Don’t play the sympathy card – they’ll get you every time.

The insult and innuendo participants do mentally will themselves not to be offended by your responses. That self-training might be beneficial whether you engage or not, since viewing it can be nearly as devastating.

  • Sometimes it’s difficult to tell in an argument who are the trolls and who are not.

If all else fails, don’t take the bait.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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