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Animal-Based to Animal-Free

The task of switching from animal-based to animal-free cuisine is not too large, nor is it insurmountable. It just appears that way – because of your muddled minds and souls. The world has changed and will continue to change quickly at junctures that appear, seemingly out of nowhere, to facilitate that change, whenever and wherever the gapContinue reading “Animal-Based to Animal-Free”


An Animal-Free Farm. I see it now and I know you can too. Because you opened your mind’s eye to the sky and something let you in – to have and to hold a better place beneath your feet right here on earth. No more farm animals treated like plants. No more animals on theContinue reading “THE ANIMAL-FREE FARM”


THE COW WILL TALK AND THE FISH WILL WALK. THE FISH WILL WALK AND THE COW WILL TALK. The fish walked becoming the cow who talked. Our original ancestry comes from the bodies of salty water, not from the African ape. The ape also came from the salty sea, the fish that walked and talkedContinue reading “THE FISH & THE COW”


WE EAT BABIES – IT’S OUR PREFERENCE Elizabeth Taylor, once dubbed as the most beautiful woman in the world, when asked to state her favorite food, replied unborn lamb. That just proves that beauty is relative and only skin deep. What lies beneath is what really matters. She’s not alone, however, in relishing the thoughtContinue reading “WE EAT BABIES”